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"My Wife Got in Shape, so I Had to Do the Same to Keep Up with Her"

Al's story

I always believed the hype I read in the bodybuilding magazines. I thought that I had to carb up before the workout,I thought that I had to bulk up to build muscle and all sort of other crazy stuff.

Once my wife Naomi got in shape by following the Adonis Golden Ratio, I decided to do the same and bought myself a copy of the Adonis Index program. After going through it I was amazed. It was all based on research, math and science. And math doesn't lie my friend. I was hooked after reading this. I was like, okay I got what I need to do know, let's do it.

Long story short, I did it and got great results.

Other people argue with me that I still need to carb up before my workout, spread my meals throughout the day, but when I look at them and then at myself, I look ten times better than them.

I believe in the Adonis Index program and what I have learnt by following this system is all I need to know.

I still can't believe that I did this amazing transformation in just three months. But I did and if I can do it, you can too. It's all about the mental shift. You need to commit yourself to following the program and go from one workout to the next one.

Adonis Index is based on science and math, you are shooting for a golden ratio that is the key. You will have a specific and measurable goal. A goal that is tailored to your own body shape, not somebody else. This is what makes it the number one workout program.

"Sometimes more can be achieved with less, if you know what you are doing... the workout structure is the key"

Rich's story

Every time you get something handled, you become more self-sufficient and more of an alpha male. Now people expect advice from me and look at me for leadership. You become the go-to person in a lot of ways.

Other thing is that if you want to hang out with or around good looking girls you need to look good too. Women are more forward to me, because they like what they see.

Girls understand what it takes to get in shape and if you are not willing to make that effort then you will end up with somebody you don't want.

Before I got into a relationship with my girlfriend I knew I need to step up my game to hang out with her otherwise no relationship would be possible. Recently she said that I make her feel really comfortable, safe and that she is around me because she can feel the natural confidence I have. And this is all because I got my body handled.

You slowly changes as you improve your physique, your confidence level goes up. And that is very attractive to everybody, both males and females.

And you don't have to spend your life in the gym. I thought I will have to spend most of my day in a gym. Sometimes more can be achieved with less, if you know what you are doing. The workout structure is the key.

Adonis Index workout has simplified my life and made it a lot easier. It has been freeing in a lot of ways since I started training with this system.

Thanks John for putting this program together.

The only downside is that you will have to get used to compliments you are going to receive on daily basis once you get in shape.

"The Adonis Index approach makes sense and it's probably what you have been looking for"

Ben's story

In the past I never realized in how bad shape I was. Due to my fat storage pattern I had almost no fat on my abs and it was stored on other body parts instead, so my stomach was pretty flat, but I was far away from fit, I know that now.

I tried several approaches, I even did the whole paleo, evolutionary and natural way of eating stuff, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Then I found you guys. And all you said, it really made sense, plus you obviously walk the talk, because both you John and Brad are in a great shape.

Thanks to Adonis Index, I realized that I have to progress in my workouts, I have to watch my diet, but I don't have to cut out social events. Quite the opposite. Before the transformation, I would just sit at home and came up with dozen excuses why not to go out, for example I would try to convince myself that I'm tired or something.

Today, I'm planning on doing something out all the time, it's amazing. I'm not embarrassed about my look anymore and I feel really confident.

I can see small changes in my social life day to day and looking back, literally just couple of months, make me realize how glad I'm for trying the AI systems.

Now when I'm on a spotlight I don't try to run from it, I enjoy it. People are asking me for advice and complimenting me on my look all the time and it feels great. This is almost impossible to fully explain, you have to live it to believe and really understand how your looks contributes to the amount of success and happiness you have in your life.

I like to go to the public more and go out with other people, I never had that urge before. I transformed from introvert to extrovert.

I built muscles on specific parts of my body, leaned out and got close to my AI ratio and all this has contributed to a big change in my social interactions. The way I carry myself and act in different social venues is completely different. And all I did was spent my launch hour at the gym for several months and watched my diet a bit, nothing groundbreaking.

People think I have to live in the gym, but truth to be told I spend just my launch break doing weight training and that's it. I don't consume 8 protein shakes a day and I don't worry about meal timing or macronutrients. And I go out a lot.

It's tough to be honest with yourself and admit that you are not in shape and that your social life sucks. However, if you can be that much honest with yourself, you are one step ahead and that means you CAN make the change if you decide and commit to it.

Just tell yourself this is where I am, this is what I need to do and let's do it.

The Adonis Index approach makes sense and it's probably what you have been looking for - simple to follow, without any outrageous fitness rules, flexible and within few weeks you will start seeing results, trust me - I am a living proof of that.

"I Made a Decision to Get to the Best Shape of My Life and Look like a Magazine Cover Model at the Age of 40"

Mike's Story

Before I stumbled upon Adonis Index program I was already working out for a while, but I was overweight and never seen my abs and just never gotten to that leanness where you can see your muscle definition.

I was never satisfied with my look, but I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and losing the fat I had on my hard-built muscles.

I always felt I could do better, but there is always something that will prevent you from getting in shape if you allow it.

However, I decided to put this to an end and finally stepped up my game. In 40 I decided that I gotta do something here and I will get to the best shape of my life, I have an opportunity to do it; kids are getting older, so I have the time that I can dedicate to more training, dieting and learning about new approaches. I had no clue what being in shape means, but basically I set a goal of looking like a fitness magazine cover model.

I started reading magazines and following their advice. I learnt a lot, but sadly for me, I later figured out that the advice I got from those fitness magazines was as far from the truth as it could get.

My biggest misconception was that adding new muscle will somehow magically melt away fat and that the fat will vanish in front of my eyes.

I was lead to believe that pound of muscle will burn 50 calories of fat, so I thought to myself if I put on about 20 pounds of muscle I will burn 500 extra calories of fat a day just by watching TV and not doing anything.

I began my quest to add muscle by training like a maniac and massively overeating. God what was I thinking.

If it were true it would be great, if it worked like that, you could just work out and eat your way up to leanness.

I did what I read in the magazines, basically eating big to be big. I ate tons of protein, because I thought that since it's the building block of every muscle, I need it or my muscles will fall apart. Same went for pre-workout and post-workout meals. It was ridiculous.

I read some article from a famous bodybuilder about eating 7000 calories spread into 10 meals. So, I tried eating 4000 calories and whenever I felt hungry I would just take some protein bar on top of that.

I was also consuming glutamine, because it seemed like I should be eating it, since all the magazines were talking about it at that time. Long story short, all this resulted in a pretty fast weight gain, which of course was mostly fat.

I found out the hard way that this premise is not true thus this eating more and building muscle for weight loss is crap.

At 200 pounds I thought cool I'm getting bigger, people are noticing the change, but what I didn't' realize was that I was just shirt on big, but shirt off, it was all fat. Once I hit 210 pounds I was getting some self-doubt and then when I got to 220 pounds I realized that this wasn't the part of my plan and this isn't how I imagined 220 would look and feel.

I felt uncomfortable, I could feel the fat on my hips, ankles and I even got some weird water retention issues and my ankles would puff up, which was pretty scary. It's not a good feeling to be stuffed with food all the time.

Obviously this wasn't working and I had to figure out a new plan.

After scanning the internet for days and days I found John and Brad's Adonis Index website. I watched some of their YouTube vides and listened to their podcasts. And it all made sense.

Once I saw how John transformed his body and that he came from pretty much my weight and got to an incredible shape I decided to give it a chance and bought the program.

Once I went through it I realized that his system and methods were based on science and math, which I was happy to discover. That was a big change compared to all those fancy tips from fitness magazines and magic pills from supplement companies or unrealistic diet advice from bodybuilders.

With Adonis Index program I managed to slim down and keep the muscle, hell I even put more muscle on WHILE I WAS DIETING. That is crazy; I never thought that would be possible before.

John broke it down and said it's just math, he made it simple, put it into easy to follow step-by-step system anybody can apply to their own lifestyle situation.

Looking back now, I could have saved myself lot of frustration and years of looking terrible. Adonis Index program helped me transform my body into an amazing and ripped shape.

And if I can do it at the age of 40 with two kids and work, then anybody can do it too!

"You Can Stay Lean and Still Be Building Muscle"

David's Story

I was amazed by how good the pictures came out at the end. It was definitely a big improvement compared to four months before working out with the Adonis Index systems.

I never really knew what to do to get in shape, how to work out, never paid attention to how I lift or to what I ate and my body was a good evidence of this approach.

Once I went through the Adonis Index program I was like, this really makes a lot of sense, it's no "bro-science" you hear in the gym or marketing claims you are faced to everywhere else.

This was logical and based on real research. The best part of this system is that you can look good all year round.

I tried bulking in the past, but I looked awful. Now I'm training with the Adonis Index and I'm both lean and muscular. I achieved it by taking steps that most people are afraid of or don't believe in and they usually end up spending fortune on supplements and useless programs.

I really feel like I have this part of my life handled. I can go to any pool party I want and feel confident with my shirt off. I don't have to live my best "pool party years" overweight, tricking myself into thinking there are muscles under that big layer of fat and hoping one day it will melt away and I will look like a fitness model.

Now I can look good 24/7, 365 days a year and still be making progress and keep gaining muscles. This is why it's so amazing. I can be literally shredded and still be able to gain muscles, which is something that most of your gym buddies, trainers or marketers would tell you is impossible!

People are impressed by my transformation and final look, they keep askingme what is it that I'm doing differently that I look so great and they seek advice from me on can they transform their own physique.

It's a whole different world for meright now. A lot has changed, but in a good way.

My advice?

Stop worrying about your weight, nobody cares, you are not walking with your weight printed on your back.

What are important are your body shape and your body proportions. Get Adonis Index, be consistent with your workouts and you will be able to build muscles while staying lean all year long.

You will look good even without your shirt off and will never have to do bulking ever again.

"I tried a lot of things to get over depressions and get in shape and nothing ever worked. But after doing this program I no longer have the problem"

Rich's Story

I always had a pretty unrealistic body image that I thought I should aim for. I wanted to be 220 with 5% body fat.

Before doing the Adonis Index program I was having a lot of depression and lot of times it came from nowhere. I tried everything you can think of, but nothing worked. I don't know why, but doing the program helped me to get over it.

I have done a lot of work. I have no more depression and that has been a big issue for me, because it was with me all the time. And only thing that I changed was that I started followingthe Adonis Index program.

I'm satisfied with the way I look, I'm relaxed, I don't get angry anymore, I'mcalmer and feel really feel great and happy.

And I'm not the only one who noticed the change, all my friends were impressed by the transformation and now they just want to go to the gym and train with me to see what I do.

Even my father that never comments on anything was amazed.

It's been a 100% positive experience and everything is getting better and better every

day now.

I tried a lot of things to get over depressions and get in shape and nothing ever worked. But after doing this program I no longer have the problem.

The Adonis Index program is very simple and easy to follow. People think that just because it's simple it can't be true, but it is, just test it out. I did and got great results. I always wanted to look like Brad Pitt in the Fight Club, be as ripped as he was. I think I have achieved that goal.

The Adonis Index can and will help you build a body you can be proud of while still having a life and enjoying your favorite food.

I believe in the Adonis Index now. At first I didn't have any faith, but I tried it and ever since I did life is great.

"I Thought I had to Gain 20 Pounds to Get in Shape, It Never Occurred to Me that I Need to Do the Opposite"

Andrew's Story

Before trying the Adonis Index I was already working out, I was a member of a gym for about a year, but I just didn't have the results I wanted. Then I saw how Jason Haynes transformed himself with the Adonis Index systems. So, I said to myself let's try it, maybe it works.
It worked!

And let me tell you, it's okay to try something different once in a while. I kept my goalsto myself, only my girlfriend knew what I was doing.

I always thought about myself as a lean guy, I didn't think I have to put in the effort and lose weight. I thought that I just needed to build muscle.

I always thought I had to gain 20 pounds and get bigger to look good. However, there is a difference between being shirt on big and being shirt off big. It all comes down to whether you want that big bloated look or achieve some muscle definition.

What most people don't realize is that if you gain 20 pounds in several weeks, it's mostly fat.
I was always smooth and my muscles weren't visible, you almost couldn't tell I was working out.

It's not about the weight; it is about the weight plus the shape.

Do you wanna to take of your shirt and have a big gut, or the nice V-Taper?

To get bigger you have to actually get lighter. On my after pictures I look better and BIGGER, but I am actually LIGHTER. Most people just want to gain, gain, gain, but gain on what cost?

If I put on 20 pounds I would be enormous, people don't conceive it in that way.

Even if you are lean, you still have to be aware of your waist line.What is important is that you can build and cut at the same time and Adonis Index program is perfect for that lean and masculine shape that looks women like and men want to achieve.

"Six Months Were Enough to Get to the
Best Shape of My Life"

Ryan's Story

I always thought you must do some insane stuff to get to cover model or Hollywood action movie star shape, but it turned out to be pretty simple stuff. It is doable, which is kind of shocking news to me.

I spent years trying to get in better shape. I was working out two hours a day, six days a week, doing tons of cardio, eating six times a day, making sure I got lots of protein, but I just could never do it for more than a month.

Sometimes I have shows where I have to be without my shirt and that is a big motivation when you stand in front of so many people on stage.I had a next show coming up, but this approach was killing me, so I started searching for something else, something different and I found you guys.

I wasn't sure about trying a new program at, because I had a trainer in the past that I spent a lot of money on, but after listening to the podcasts I got hooked. I saw that you are just not trying to sell me crap; you have a habit of showing up with quality content and everything you say is based on logic, math and research or experience, not just some fancy untested theories.

The Adonis Index program was completely different compared to anything I have read in the past, it was refreshing to have somebody who was not BSing me. With Adonis Index I didn't have to do any extra cardio, I could just focus on building muscle for few hours a week and that was it, really.

I don't want to spend any extra time dealing with this kind of stuff than I really need to, because I am travelling a lot and when I finally am at home I want to spend time with my two kids and my wife.

In the past I never really did a real program. I mostly trained my bicep and chest only and just did few things I read in magazines.

I always had muscle underneath my fat I just never could see it and always sort of thought that if I kept lifting more and got big enough the fat would somehow magically melt away.

I really believed that muscle burns a lot of calories, so I thought that I will just get big enough and my metabolism will be so fast that it will burn of all the fat. What a waste of time of years that I could already be in a great shape. I thought that one day if I wanted to get in shape I would have to give up wine, cheese or whatever, which enjoy especially on my trips.

There is a lot of things I did that kept me from achieving the body I wanted. As soon as I read the Adonis Index I knew I can do that and at the end I managed to build more muscle and lose away enough fat to get visible six pack.

I always thought I need to get bigger; there was just no end game for me.With Adonis Index I had a specific goal that I could work towards.

It was just about hard lifting, no need for extra cardio, no stupid food guidelines and rules. I could just focus and put the energy to do exactly what I needed to do get the results, nothing else, just enjoy the free time outside the gym.

Now I realize that I was just couple of months out of a cover model body, but I never knew that, because it was all covered with fat.

The difference compared to other programs I used in the past is that this will help you in the long shot and that is important, because this is the part of your life you can sustain of your life.

You can be in killer shape for the rest of your life.